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Elixir Natural Skin Care Products Worth Their Weight In Gold

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Elixir Skin Care - We've Found That Pot Of Gold

Looking for beautiful skin naturally, Yes of course you are because we are all looking for that little pot of elixir gold to feel and look totally amazing, and there is nothing that feels so good as the results of Elixir Skin Food on tired or dull skin. The great thing about Elixir Skin Food beauty products is you only need a small amount of money to spend, they are so incredibly affordable, totally natural luxury treats.

We have your whole cleansing and moisturising needs sorted out completely with our range of totally natural skin care products, which we are absolutely sure will be the only skin care products you will want to use once you have tried them. We offer you the whole new experience from cleansing your face to putting on your make-up.

Totally Natural Organic Skin Care

Organic Lavender Bud Natural Facial Cleanser and Moisturiser

Elixir Lavender Bud Cleanser is perfect for all skin types, this sumptuous creamy cleanser works so well at cleansing your skin. Cleans off makeup and daily impurities leaving your skin fresh, silky smooth and beautifully soft. Use as a effective moisturiser as well.

Organic Rose Petal Tinted Moisturiser

Rose Petal Tinted Moisturiser is so gentle on your skin that a teenager can use it. No chemicals, no hidden ingredients, just pure beautiful natural colour that is created by the organic rose petal leaves we hand grind especial for this product. Suitable for all skin types and leaves your face with a lovely hint of a beautiful tint that look so healthy.

Organic Lavender Bud Facial Toner Spray So Yummy

Well girls and boys the good news is the facial toning is back in fashion and we have a great one for you! Elixir Skin Food Organic Lavender Bud Facial Spray so easy to use, just point and spray. Made from beautiful organic ingredients, great for all skin types. Anti bacterial properties, so helps problem skin. Use everyday for that fresh clear skin feeling.

Smells divine with the aroma of lavender buds, but not over powering. Spray your face on a hot day when you need cooling down. Another good point to this product is there are zero chemicals so wherever you spray it's completely safe, even for a babies bottom!

Elixir Face Kiss Cream Moisturiser

If you love your skin to glow with radiant health then Face Kiss is most definitely the face moisturiser for you and will do exactly what its name implies, kiss your face with continued hydration for the whole day. This yummy thick whipped delightful golden pot of sunshine delight is made from the very best raw organic Shea butter and contains raw cold pressed organic coconut oil, which is known to aid skins elasticity and help slow down the effects of premature aging. Here at Elixir Skin Food we work with nature not with chemicals.

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