Avoid Premature Skin Aging Tips

Avoid Premature Skin Aging Tips For Good Looking Skin

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  Tips For Maturing Skin

Avoiding Premature Aging

When your skin is protected from the sun and is healthy you can reduce the effects of aging. There are of course other factors to maintaining healthy skin and these are your life-style choices such as: healthy balanced diet extra supplements not smoking, and daily exercise. Aging skin happens to all of us and is the result of generic programming and environmental outside influences.

What are the different changes associated with aging skin?

1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the effect of the reduction in muscle mass and skin thickness. Skin starts to lose elasticity and can become dehydrated.

2. Hyperpigigmentation

Hyperpigigmentation excessive pigmentation on the skin and can be due to over exposure to the sun (UV exposure). Also hormones, pregnancy and certain medications can play a part.

3. Skin Dehydration

Up until the age of 35-40 years old our skin is kept hydrated by hyaluronic acid, which is responsibility for keeping your skins moisture balance. After 40 the hyaluronic acid reduces and this is what causes the skin to dehydrate.

4. Cell Renewal

As we age our cells slow down in their renewal process. This causes skin to look dull and you may notice your skin starting to get thicker. Cell renewal can take between 25-35 days to renew during your middle age and 35-60 days for more mature skin.

Tips and suggestions to keep your skin healthy and younger looking

Cleansing routine that works

1. Cleanse your skin twice daily with Elixir Lavender Bud Cleanser and remove with a damp flannel

2. Exfoliate helps remove dull and dead skin cells

3. Spray your face with Elixir Lavender Bud Skin Toner and pat dry

4. Choose one of Elixir Skin Food Moisturiser to suit your skin. we offer our Hungry Skin Gel for dehydrating dry skin. Gaia Gel for a light and totally refreshing experience, and our Face Kiss has been whipped up for those who like a thicker creamy totally yummy moisturiser.

Remember, This daily routine is as important for your skin as it is to brush your teeth. By following the cleansing routine twice daily you will not only improve your skin but the beneficial ingredients in our natural skin food products will enhance and help your skin to look younger, feel fresh, smooth, glowing and vibrant.

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