Organic Raw Shea Butter

Elixir Face Kiss Moisturiser Made With Organic Shea Butter

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  Elixir Skin Food - Organic Raw Shea Butter

Raw Shea Butter is a multipurpose, natural substance that is excellent for skin care. The first thing you will notice about our Face Kiss Moisturiser is its luxurious texture. It's soft, thick and silky and at first, you may feel it's greasy but once you smooth it into your skin, you will find, to your delight it readily absorbed and settles to a beautiful, smooth silky softness. Your skin will drink it in, as if knowing instinctively that the Raw Shea Butter that goes into our Elixir Face Kiss Moisturiser is inherently healthy and nurturing. The key is to not apply too liberally. Given the rich, abundant texture, your skin only need a little to enjoy the benefits. That makes it really economical and a joy to use.

Applying Elixir Face Kiss Moisturiser

Just apply a little to the tips of your fingers, rub them together so that the warmth of your skin melts it and simply pat over your face or to wherever you are applying it. Within minutes, your skin will eagerly accept it and feel soft and smooth.

Is Shea Butter edible?

Yes! Now while we are not recommending you spread it on your breakfast toast, what we do want to tell you is that it is an entirely natural oil that is used in a wide range of food products.

Can people be allergic to Shea Butter?

Unfortunately, yes. Shea Butter is gentle, natural and nurturing, however some people with nut allergies could experience heightened sensitivity to it. It is always advisable to test any product, even natural ones on a small area of skin if in any doubt whatsoever but do avoid Shea Butter if you know it will cause a reaction. Humans have allergies to all kinds of natural, unadulterated substances including strawberries, shell fish and peanuts. If you are unable to use Shea Butter, consider our Pure Gaia Gel which is Aloe Vera based.

Raw Shea Butter ingredients

What's in Raw Shea Butter? Answer: Raw Shea Butter

At least that's what we use in Elixir Skin Food Products. And frankly, if you are going to apply Shea Butter to your skin, you want it to be raw and unrefined. There are no preservatives, solvents or parabens. Why would you need them? Nature has created Raw Shea Butter to be perfect. The substance itself contains rich, nutrient-packed fatty acids including oleic, linoleic, palmitic, arachidic and stearic acids. The ratio of these acids in any Raw Shea Butter varies according to the growing region and the season. Shea nut trees mainly grow in western and central Africa. The butter is rich in Vitamins A and E, both of which promote healthy skin.

What is Raw Shea Butter good for?

If you suffer from dry skin, Raw Shea Butter will be the treat your skin has been crying out for. That's why Raw Shea Butter is such an excellent treatment for eczema. Raw Shea Butter is know for it's anti-inflammatory properties and calms the skin.

Elixir Skin Food has two products containing Raw Shea Butter:

Face Kiss Moisturiser

Cream Muscle Rub

Not all Raw Shea Butter products are created equal

Whenever you see products containing Raw Shea Butter, check the ingredients list. If it reads like a scientific laboratory shopping list, put it back on the shelf. The substance itself is rich, healthy and nourishing and needs no extra help to be beneficial. Elixir Skin Food uses no chemical preservatives as we know it is simply not necessary. Use abundantly and with love, knowing that you are applying only the best, unadulterated Raw Shea Butter available.

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