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Psychologically Skin Problems An Emotional Withdrawal

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is made up of millions of cells that overlap. Your skin is self-repairing and waterproof. As your skin is made up of soft tissue skin problem are inevitably. But it goes deeper than that. Skin problems such as acne, flaking, peeling, itching, cracking and redness.

On a psychological level all skin problems imply an emotional withdrawal from the areas that are affected, for there is not enough fluid to keep the skin alive. Skin problems are normally connected to how we feelings about ourselves. Skin problems means there is conflict between our own self-identity and the relationship we have with others. It can also indicate that we allow others to get under our skin, which creates negativity.

For example: Acne is an expression of anger, resentment and fear based emotions, which are connected to finding and establishing self-identity, to being accepted and loved for who we are as an individual. This makes the journey of self-discovery harder for someone with acne due to the embarrassment and inhibition it creates within.

Healthy Skin Need A Healthy Immune System

1. If your immune system is low your skin is just one of the things that will suffer. All skin conditions, in fact all illness start because of a low immune system. If you want your skin to glow with health it not going to happen by putting chemicals on your face. Good skin is created by what you eat and the best way to get a glowing beautiful skin is to eat raw food. Make the right choices when deciding what to feed your body. Sugar is a poison, white bread is just as bad. Take silica as a food supplement and a good multi vitamin tablet will help.

2. Always cleanse your face in the morning and evening with a good natural cleanser and natural facial toner that will sooth and hydrate your skin followed by a nourishing moisturiser. Never use hash chemical on your skin, and never exfoliate.

3. The solution to hydrating your skin is not simply from the outside you need to make sure that your body is hydrated as well. When your body is hydrated your skin will greatly improve. The best way to hydrate your body is to drink water, lots of it. Your liver hates junk food so stop eating it as it is cause of acne. Cleanse your skin with a totally natural skin moisturiser that contains no chemicals especially for problem skin.

Your face greets the world and you want your face to reflect health and vitality. Follow the cleansing routine; be aware of what you are putting into your body and drink plenty of water and magic will happen, you will begin to like yourself and this will reflect back at you when you look in the mirror as the stunning you!

Emotional Issues Can Be Linked To Skin Problems

If you feel you skin is reacting to an emotional issue you may feel that relaxation is needed. Often we are stressed and are not aware of it and a skin complaint can be your body telling you you need to relax.

If you would like to learn to relax there is a MP3 download Guided Relaxation - Beach Walk that you can listen to everyday that will really help you to chill out and balance. So, together with a good cleansing routine and a well balanced diet you will feel much better. Let us know how you get on.

If you have a skin complaint and would like to contact us we will help you as much as we can

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