Totally Natural Skin Care / Organic Lavender Bud Facial Toner

Lavender Bud Facial Toner Spray 100ml

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Elixir Lavender Facial Spray Toner is for all skin types, particularly acne or symptom prone skin. It has no additional fragrance, is light and does not dry out your skin, it helps to replenish and smooth dry skin leaving your face feeling fresh and invigorated. Use this toner as a part of your facial cleansing routine

Your skin desires tender loving care and we recognise from experience that harsh cleansing together with the added chemicals in facial some facial toners and skin spray, will do additional harm to delicate skin. The balance of ingredients in Elixir Facial Toner will help restore and replenish the surface of your skin. Our Lavender Bud Face Toner will provide your skin with exactly what it needs to feel fresh, clean and beautifully smooth.

Elixir Lavender Bud Face Toner For All Skin Types

If you have skin that is oily or prone to blemish then our Lavender Bud Toner is a good choice. Our product contains no alcohol, menthol or witch hazel, which are known to irritate problem skin. If your current facial cleansing products produce more oil, redness, or simply leave your skin flaky you are using the wrong toner or cleanser. If you have very oily skin our Lavender Facial Toner could be all you skin needs. If your skin is dry or sensitive then you probably do not use a skin toner after cleansing your skin, due to most toners drying out delicate skin. The last thing you need is drier skin! Elixir Lavender Facial Toner is the right toner for sensitive skin. It will reduce redness and you will and notice less flaking skin after the first application. Spraying straight onto the skin is easy and you will feel the effect almost immediately, smooth and pleasant. You will be surprised just how quickly your skin bounces back to radiant health.

If you have combination skin Elixir Lavender Facial Toner is wonderful for patchy areas on your face. For example: An oily forehead nose and chin combined with dry to normal cheeks and jaw. When you use the wrong toner for combination skin it accelerates dry areas and aggravates oily areas.

If this happens to be your skin type then you would be better using a gentler alcohol-free toner containing ingredients that assist in producing less dryness and reducing the oiliness. If you want to balance out your skin we suggest that you use our Lavender Facial Cleanser together with our Lavender Bud Spray Toner as an ongoing part of a daily cleansing routine. You will certainly notice a difference.

Elixir Lavender Toner for Mature and Sun Damaged Skin

Elixir Lavender Bud Spray Toner is a superb option for mature aging skin. Used with our Lavender Bud Cleanser and followed with our Hungry Skin Gel Moisturiser you will be happy with the wonderful results. Try this face toner and get a free sample of our Lavender Bud Cleanser.

Ingredients - Lavender Bud Face Cleanser