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Natural Organic Antibacterial Deodorant

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All Day Natural Deodorant 20% Extra

Elixir Skin Food 100% Natural Deodorant that works. Our Natural Deodorant contains organic natural food ingredients and pure essential oils. There are NO chemicals, NO alcohol No aluminium NO parabens in our deodorant. It's fresh, non sticky and it's really cool and better still it works really hard all day long to neutralise body odour.

Elixir Skin Food all day natural deodorant is a safe deodorant for children and teenagers. The very subtle fragrances of carefully selected essential oils work their magic to assist in the effectiveness of this beautiful natural deodorant.

Elixir Natural Deodorant is subtle but strong and suitable for all skin types. Try this 100% natural skin care product for yourself, you'll love it so much you will never go back to any other natural deodorant. Great for everyone.

Ingredients - Natural Deodorant